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XTR is a technology strategy and product development firm focused on delivering disruptive ideas to market.

XTR partners with our clients and helps to define the best way forward, build what is needed and grow it to scale so we can reach users. XTR is not a job shop looking for the next task, we are an end-to-end partner that can help at various stages of innovating new products into existence. We understand complex technologies but also know there are already solutions that can be applied to the right consumers. After an initial consult lets figure out the best way forward. At the end of the day, XTR finds opportunities to get great ideas into the market and make them into sustainable solutions.

Product Development

Ideas are great but products are better. We design full-stack architectures and build products and platforms for our clients. We are well versed on Amazon Web Services and build apps for iOS, Android and web browsers. XTR helps define the minimum viable product and what paths are best for feature expansion. Ultimately our goal is to get into users hands to generate revenue.

Technology Operations

As the idea grows ... more people get involved. The product serves many masters to reach metrics that matter. XTR gets teams organized by building frameworks and processes that keep development velocity high to reach business goals scaling for future growth. XTR can also serve as a technical leader running day-to-day operations until the internal culture gets set.


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